Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Sweet Thanksgiving

Guest post written by Ella Thompson

When I think of winter weather and Thanksgiving, I just imagine tasting all of these super rich and luxurious things. Also, a whole lot of really sweet things. I just think that it isn't really Thanksgiving, or really any descent meal if you can't satisfy your sweet tooth. A whole lot of times I even plan whole meals around sweet dishes.
Once I found out that I was going to be hosting our family Thanksgiving lunch this year, I looked up all kinds of sweet dishes with my clear wimax to fix.
One of the things that I'm going to fix is candy yams. They really are a classic, whether you like them with marshmellows on top or not. I'm also going to serve honeybaked ham instead of turkey, which I know that my friends are going to really love. Lots of my other friends have sweet teeth too because we Õre always going out for ice cream or Pinkberry or to get cupcakes together. A lot of the time IÕll even fix them cakes just for fun.

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