Monday, November 29, 2010

A Holiday Memory

This guest post from Errol Chang

I look forward to television on Thanksgiving because of all the memories it holds. To this very day it would not be the same without watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. I can remember the kids sitting in front of the television watching with delight as those big balloons passed overhead and waiting patiently waiting for Santa to arrive. The sounds of the marching bands had everyone pumped up for the turkey that was about to be brought out of the oven. Family coming from out of town, everyone helping in the kitchen, more laughter coming from the kids and love throughout the house. What a wonderful day and so much to be thankful for. Now the kids are grown and many have moved away, but the love for the parade is still there. It's now Grandpa and I, sitting in front of the tv, but not the small little screen anymore, it's a big screen and our Direct TV HD Channels bringing the parade up close and personnal. I can't help but wonder, what it would have been like to have the kids all sitting around watching, laughing and loving these big balloons and to see Santa Claus on this very large tv set.

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