Sunday, June 29, 2008

My fertile Days

Yesterday was the first day of my fertile days if the calculation of the ovulation calendar is accurate. According to the Ovulation calendar I should be fertile starting yesterday June 28-30th and July 1st will be my ovulation day. By the way, I am using two sources to calculate my ovulation period. One is from and the other one is from the google widget that I put in my page which is located at the lower right column of this site. I just figured out that these two sources have different results in their ovulation calendar. I decided to use the ovulation calendar calculator from Will find out if their calculations are correct.

Hopefully things will work out best as we try again in our baby making. Well, will wait and see if hubby and I make it. Wish us Luck!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Diet, lifestyle changes cut infertility risk...

Women who followed at least five certain lifestyle and diet behaviors were about 80 percent less likely to have infertility from ovulatory disorders than women who followed none of the behaviors, a Harvard study concludes.

The analysis of 17,544 married women participating in the ongoing Nurses' Health Study II found those with the highest fertility scores: ate less trans fat and sugar from carbohydrates; consumed more protein from vegetables than from animals; ate more fiber and iron; took more multivitamins; had a lower body mass index (BMI); exercised for longer periods of time each day; and consumed more high-fat diary products and less low-fat diary products.


Ovulation Calendar

I placed a new widget on this page called Ovulation Calendar which will be an easy reference to track my ovulation. I have been tracking my ovulation period for almost a year now. Though I was using a different Ovulation Calendar from another website and when I first try it that was the time that I got pregnant in September of last year. Although it didn't succeed bcoz I got miscarriage the following months (November). I have referred this ovulation calendar calculator to two of my friends and now they are both pregnant. One will be due next month and the other friend is on her 5th month of pregnancy.

How to use it?

Just type in your first day of your last menstruation. Example; if your last period was June 20th just click the arrow and find 20 and click it, then click the second arrow to find the month as number 6 for June and click it.

Next is find the number that represents your menstrual cycle which means how many days from your first day of menstruation to the next first day of menstruation. In my case, it takes 26 days cycle before my next menstruation comes. Then click " Prediction" it will show you the possible dates when you are most fertile. This is only an estimation, to some this may work but to others may take longer.

So, if you are planning to get pregnant just try using this ovulation calendar calculator and good luck to you and your hubby!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Baby due in June

If I had not lost my baby during my 6 weeks of pregnancy it should have been due this June. I wonder what it should have been if it's a girl or a boy? I often tell hubby that I want to have a baby girl who has a red hair and a bluish green eyes like his. Everytime I tell this, he would say he wants the baby to look a lot like me who has brown eyes, black hair and "dark meat" which he usually jokes referring to my skin color in that way we would not worry about the baby get sun burned andget frickles because sun doesn't bother much to darked skin people like mine.

Prozac Moment

Sad Face 2

"Honey, I need Prozac." This is what I always say to hubby everytime my monthly period comes. Who would want to have their monthly period anyways when you are hoping and expecting to get pregnant? By the way, if you don't know what Prozac is, it's a medicine indicated for the treatment of major depressive disorder. Though it's just a joke if I said "I need Prozac" everytime my period comes and hubby is the originator of the phrase "Prozac moment" when I get upset or sad. Yes, it's depressing sometimes when I found out that hubby and I failed in our baby making process again. Right now, I am having cramps coz of my period and feels sad again but I am trying to overcome this feeling. Well, better luck next time again.

Hubby and I will try again this month and hope we will succeed next month.

Monday, June 16, 2008

What is a miscarriage?
A miscarriage is the loss of a pregnancy before 24 weeks, with most miscarriages actually occurring during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. Unfortunately, miscarriage is very common, affecting one in eight pregnancies.

What causes a miscarriage?
There is seldom an adequate explanation for why a woman experiences a miscarriage. Studies inform us that approximately 50 per cent of lost pregnancies have failed to develop normally, either due to chromosome or genetic problems or because of structural (bodily) problems. There is no apparent explanation for the remaining 50 per cent of cases.

  • Certain maternal illnesses are associated with an increased risk of miscarriage, although these are very uncommon.
  • Smoking increases the risk of miscarriage.
  • There is a gradual increase in the risk of miscarriage as the woman gets older.

It is important to remember that an ordinary lifestyle that includes exercise, going to work, minor falls or taking the Pill before pregnancy does not increase the risk of miscarriage.

What are the symptoms of a miscarriage?

The most common symptom is bleeding from the vagina. Lower abdominal pain is also very common. Some women have no symptoms at all and the miscarriage is only diagnosed when they are given an ultrasound scan at their antenatal clinic. This is referred to as a 'silent miscarriage', and can be very distressing for the woman and her partner.

What to do if a miscarriage is suspected?If a woman is bleeding from the vagina and feels pain then she must consult her doctor.

When is it necessary to consult a doctor immediately?

  • If the woman is bleeding at such a rate that she needs more than one sanitary towel per hour. In this case, too much blood is being lost and the flow must be stopped.
  • If the woman feels weak or faint. These are both signs that she is losing too much blood.
  • If the woman experiences severe stomach pain, this may be a symptom of an ectopic pregnancy.
  • If the woman experiences fever, shivering or a smelly vaginal discharge, this can be a sign of an infection or inflammation.


What went wrong....?

This was the first question I asked when I had a miscarriage in November of last year. I thought my first pregnancy was perfectly fine because I didn't feel things like vomiting, nausea, or even morning sickness. All I noticed was my boobs and my tummy are getting bigger until the 6th week of my pregnancy that I started having spots. When I noticed some spottings I called my OB GYN for an appoinment to have me check. Luckily, I went to see another OB GYN and that time he was a male OB because my female OB GYN wasn't available and I needed to be checked right away. So, when the OB checked on me, told me that I might get miscarriage if the spottings won't stop and there's nothing to do about it but wait. The ultrasound showed the fetus inside my tummy but there was no heartbeat. So we went home and just waited what will happen next. The spottings still continued. At first it was just dark brown spottings but everyday it got lighter and lighter in color. It became light brown, then light pink until on the 6th day I felt a very sharp pain like cramps in my abdomen. I went to the bathroom and sat on the toilet bowl since I felt that something needed to come out because the cramps seemed to be like a dysmenorrhia which I usually feel when I am having my period. So when I sat down into the toilet bowl I started bleeding, blood clots came out after I urinated. I called hubby since he was at work that time. I told him I had cramps and went potty but then blood came out. So he hurriedly came home to check on me. The scramps was on and off, everytime it hurt I went to the toilet then more blood came out. I was bleeding so hard, hubby called my OB GYN to see if I needed to go to the hospital but the doctor on call told him just to wait and see if I bleed more and more then I have to undergo D & C (Dilation and Curettage). The doctor asked how many weeks pregnant I was and found out that I was only 6th weeks pregnant she said I should be fine and I might not need to have D & C. Hubby and I went to the OB again the following day for my follow up check up when I had the ultrasound the fetus was no longer there. Yup, I had a total miscarriage in a normal way. My OB said there's no need to do D & C since everything was discharged during the bleeding I had. He said that 10-25 % of women experience miscarriage during their during thier first trimester. He added that sometime miscarriage just happen. He told us that hubby and I could try again after a month of my next menstrual period.

It was sad but hubby and I just accepted it with open heart and with a positive mind. Hubby keep telling me that my time to get pregnant will come I should just not get myself too stressed out about itand it will just come. I hope so....

A year and a half....

It's been a year and a half since hubby and I got married. Wow! time flies so fast, we could not believed ourselves that a year and a half have passed away. Still trying to get pregnant though, hubby and I are hoping to have at least one baby since he already have five children in his first marriage. Every month I hope that my period won't come and that I get pregnant but still up to this point of time I still am not. Well, I got pregnant once last year but had a miscarriage during my 6 weeks of pregnancy. It was sad that my pregnancy didn't succeed but I guess it was not the right time yet. Hubby and i are still hoping for the best that I will get pregnant this year.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

My Journey to Momhood

Welcome everyone to "My Journey to Momhood" a blog about motherhood, parenting, tips, health and fitness for wanna be moms and even moms already. This will talk about my life, events and journey on my quest to become a mom in the future which is really a dream that I wish God will grant me in the future. Though I am already a stepmom to my husband's children but hope to have my own child who would call me "mommy" or "mom". My hubby and I are on the process of conceiving and hoping that things will work out best this year and we would succeed this time. Join with me in my day to day journey to momhood.
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