Sunday, November 14, 2010

Spending less on Christmas

I can’t believe how the days go by so quickly. Christmas is getting closer and closer. I have been thinking about what presents I can give to hubby, my little boy and the rest of the family. Hubby and I are for sure will try to spend less this Christmas season.  I am always thinking about ways on how we could earn extra money to be able help with hubby especially now that I had quit working. It’s not easy at this time when the economy is not doing well. Maybe the best thing is to find ways how to spend less and save more since I can’t work right now because of my pregnancy. I have been searching and reading a lot of articles over the internet that give information on ways to be able to cut expenses and save money. Talking about saving, I thought about maybe checking out cheaper cell phone plans that is available in the market today. I am trying to check and compare prices with AT&T wireless plans that we are using now for almost 4 years if we could get a better deal. If not then maybe we could find cheaper than other providers offer, I heard that Sprint cell phone plan prices are very affordable too. I might check it out and compare both providers and see which one I could save more.

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