Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Updating my Journey

It's been awhile since my last post. I am doing fine as well as my two boys. Surely have a handful taking care of a 3 1/2 yr old preschooler and a 19 month old toddler. A busy mom from sun up til sun down. I still work full time at the nursing home 5 days in a row then come home and take care of my boys. Tyler is growing so fast and is very fluent in speaking. Sometimes I wonder how he learns to talk or communicate like big people do. Toby is still learning to talk, he can't say the words clearly yet but he can surely let you know what he wants and sometimes demands what he would like. He can understand when you tell him something especially if you tell him to do something. I could say that my kids are smart boys. I love them so dearly though sometimes they drive me crazy.

Friday, April 6, 2012

2 Days to go

It's 2 days more to go and Toby will be celebrating his 1st birthday. It's going to be on the 8th of April and it's Easter Sunday too. We are planning to have a family get together at home to celebrate Toby's birthday. We are hoping it will be a great day to celebrate and everyone in the family will be able to be there.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Coupon Books

Thanks for the post, Vernon Lowe

My son’s awesome school is selling those little blue coupon books to raise money for the school’s technology department. The books are twelve dollars each, which is a pretty good deal. Each kid has to sell a minimum of five coupon books. Well, I guess they don’t have to, but it is strongly encouraged for them to sell at least five. There are coupons in the book for all kinds of things. Lots of restaurant coupons, cable tv deals and packages, buy one get one free deals, etc. All you have to do in some cases is use a single coupon and you’ve already paid off the coupon book (a few of the coupons are valued at greater than twelve dollars). It really is a good deal, if you’ve got the extra twelve dollars lying around. We bought two of the books, the grandparents each bought one, and my sister bought one. That is our five. I’m not one to ask my coworkers to buy from me, or go door to door to our neighbors. That is just not my style.


Thank God It's Friday! Tomorrow will be my last day of work for the week. Been working more than 8 hours since Tuesday but it's ok since I will have a good check next payday. I came home this afternoon and Toby was fussy trying to get my attention. Tyler has also been demanding of me too I guess because they have not seen me all day so when I get home they want to cling to me all the time. Tyler usually tells me "Glad to see you mommy" when I come home then I would ask him "did you miss me?" and he would say "yeah, I miss you mommy" and then hug me. He is such a sweet boy and a big mama's boy.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


The article written by Alonso Kramer

Since we upgraded our internet service at, I have been using the internet a lot more. Recently, we decided to take a trip to New Orleans. I booked the entire trip on-line and even booked dinner reservations, airport shuttles, and things to do around the city on-line. I got a really good deal on our hotel. We stayed at a fabulous hotel next to Harrah’s called “the Windsor Court”. The décor was a little out of date, but the service was great and it was close to everything. Of course, they charged a rate for things at the mini bar, but there was a convenience store located just around the corner that you could get snacks and treats. When we were going out one night, we stopped in the hotel bar to have a drink. It was awesome because while we were there having a drink, we saw Vince Vaughn. He was staying at the same hotel and in the bar! I couldn’t believe how tall he was. He was a lot taller than I thought that he would be. It was an awesome #celebritysighting!

Tyler's Toilet Training

Tyler has been doing great in his toilet training. It has been almost a week that he goes to the bathroom when he wants to go pee and poop and he is doing great about telling us when he needs to go. He is just wearing underwear and no diaper doing the day when he is at home and today he hasn't have any accident yet. At night we put his diaper on when he is in bed but he doesn't wet as much as he used to. I'm glad that he is learning to go to the bathroom now and I'm hoping he will continue to be on top of it. I told him he will be ready for school when he learns to go the bathroom and not wet himself. He said mommy I'm ready to go to school.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Post contributed by Hilton Miranda

Ever since we got Satellite Star Internet I have been able to organize all of my bills and pay them on-line. My aunt told me about an internet site called It has streamlined my life and taken a lot of stress out of keeping up with bills. is basically your own on-line file folder. It takes all of your bills and organizes the balances, due dates, and history in one site. You can navigate from the site to pay all of your bills. At the end of the year it will also print an expense report. I hesitated to use it because I thought that it would be really difficult to set up. I was wrong. It has been a breeze and a lifesaver. One of the best things about it is that it is one of the only services that is still free! You can even tack and manage rewards points. Lately, it let me add my Groupon account! Who knew that the internet could make life so easy!

Toby at 10

There he is at 10 months old. Toby is growing bigger and bigger each day. He is growing perfectly. At 10 months he weighs 20 lbs which is only 3 lbs difference from his big brother Tyler. We believed that he might outgrow Tyler because he is a good eater and not a picky one compared to his older brother. He is getting very mobile, he crawls and walks around holding on to the furniture and walls. He might start walking by himself pretty soon like his Tyler who started walking when he was 10 1/2 months old. 

Friday, January 13, 2012

A Challenge

 Thanks for the article from Jermaine Haynes

My daughter is in third grade this year. She is a very bright and curious child, and she has always performed at the top of her class academically. She entered kindergarten already able to read and write, and by the end of second grade, she was reading above a fifth grade level. Her vocabulary is extensive, and she loves science and history. What tends to hold my child back from really working to her potential is that she is inherently lazy. Things come easy for her, so she has never really had to work for much in regards to her studies. Sports are a different story! Before this school year started, I wrote a letter to the school requesting that my daughter be placed in a class with very high-achieving students. I felt that the challenge would do her good, and encourage her to work hard to meet the level of expectation that such a class might have. She was placed with one of the best teachers at her school. Although her teacher is very demanding, she has been the first one to really draw maximum potential out of my child. She encourages them to get on the internet through our satellite internet beaverton and work on various math and science websites. These websites encourage remediation of skills but in game and play settings. By allowing students to obtain practice through these various websites, different learning strategies can be employed to target all students.

Toby is 9 months

Toby just turned 9 months this month and he is growing bigger and bigger. He is learning a lot from crawling to walking by holding on to the furniture. He is eating pretty good and he is a chunky boy. Tyler on the other hand is learning to share his toys with little Toby. Both boys are now in the living room watching video called The Amazing Alphabet Amusement Park. They loved watching DVD's from Leapfrog. 
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