Friday, November 19, 2010

My step son is engaged

My step son just recently got engaged to a wonderful young woman with a charming personality. His now fiancée is from a small town in Nebraska and has now lived in our little town in Colorado for several years. Oh to reflect back and remember the excitement of becoming engaged. How could I ever forget that wonderful day when hubby proposed to me. My step son and I were at the mall awhile back,  he was scanning the stores for an engagement ring and wedding ring, of course I was more than happy to accompany him when he invited me to tag along. We saw so many wonderful engagement rings at every store we visited. Yes, I was constantly thinking about my hubby and the romantic way he proposed to me years ago as we went from store to store. I truly love to look at wedding rings. I have mine cleaned often. There seems to be excitement in the air as my step son’s wedding day gets closer and closer. So remember the next time your at the mall, take a moment, maybe even a few, and stop by to take a glance at the never ending beauty of jewelry. Oh what a marvelous time to remember.

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