Sunday, November 20, 2011


Since we were moving to our new house last August and got a new job in September in a nursing home. I have tried to search for my nursing uniforms that I have put in the box which I know for a fact that the box was kept in the shed. I looked and searched into the boxes but couldn't find my scrubs so I end up buying new ones that I could wear at work. I bought some scrubs at a nearby store and they were so expensive. I decided to check online to look for good scrubs that are worth the money and came across with this site

 I will check if I could find some good deals on scrub pants since I already bought a couple of tops. I'm on my 2 days off until tomorrow and I'm enjoying and loving it especially spending time with hubby and my two kids.

Two days off work

My two days off from work begins today and it seems that the day just go by so quickly. Me and my family went to church this morning and then we went to Delta to attend baptisms of relatives on hubby's side. It went all good. We had a get together dinner afterward at hubby's brother's house. We just came home an hour and a half ago. My little boys are asleep right now. I'm hoping they through the night and so do I. Tomorrow will be a busy day even if I'm off from work. Don't have time to relax even during days off with 2 boys to take care and chores to do. Oh well, "buhay amerika"!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

New Career

Author: Joseph Sandoval

I recently decided to stop what I’m doing and decided to take up a new career. I was sick to death of the same old same old every day and my cubicle lifejust wasn’t cutting it for me anymore. I decided to become a fulltime nanny which is exactly what I’d been wanting to do forever but I wanted to do it differently…no being paid in cash under the table. So I went to a friend of mine who’s a graphic designer and asked him to help me with a new business website. I set up a nanny finder site so that parents in the area could find someone like me and only reputable people were allowed membership. I did it all by the book – went to smallbusiness xo for logistical help, got a BBB accreditation and even worked with the local police to do background checks. Business is booming and I still love to nanny although what I do now is a lot more web focused to be honest with you!

Toby is 7 Months

Toby just turned 7 mos, I can't believed how fast he had grown. He is such a happy boy. He smiles and grins most of the time especially when you start talking to him. Him and Tyler looks a lot like each other. At 7 mos Toby can sit up with supervision, can walk using his walker, starts learning to crawl by dragging himself, he is learning to use his arms and legs to crawl and he eats solid foods. Toby is trying to keep up with his older brother and it wouldn't surprise me when he starts learning to walk in 10 mos like Tyler did.When Toby learns to walk him and Tyler will have more fun.
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