Saturday, February 6, 2010

Tyler said "mama"

Tyler has been babbling different sounds as he explores his tongue, lips and mouth. Every now and then I could hear him say ughh, huuu, ga, ummm, ye, na, ni, eeh. I have been teaching him to say "mama" and hubby teaches him to say "dada". Sometimes I thought I heard Tyler say "ma" but not so clear and one time I heard him say "hi da". Since he turned 7 mos he babbles and vocalizes more trying to learn to talk. And for the very first time this morning when he woke up and as hubby and I talk and play with him on the bed he uttered the word "mama" so clearly that melted my heart away and made me cry. I was overwhelmed with joy as I heard him "mama" twice. I kissed and hugged him and said "I love you baby". I love to hear Tyler said mama to me. Hubby told me if I have imagined me having a baby saying mama to me while I was still in the Philippines. Now, hubby is looking forward when Tyler could say the word "dada". Hopefully, he would learn it soon.
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