Thursday, October 29, 2009

Auto parts

If you are looking for any auto parts that offers the cheapest price online, check it out at Auto Parts Point. They sell a wide variety of vehicle parts for cars, SUV’s trucks and many more. Whether you are looking for power steering gears, racks, pumps to electronic device for your vehicle such as navigation unit, CD or DVD players, radios and many more Auto Parts Point has it all. So check it out at and get a free shipping when you spend $50 on all your orders.

Wooden Window Blinds

It’s my second day off work today and I am enjoying spending more time with my baby. It has been snowing here in the valley for two days. To me it’s still too early to get some snow. I think it was in the month of November last year when we got the first snow. I wish I could get some more sleep during the day but our bedroom doesn’t have good blinds to make it darker for me to be able to fall asleep. I told hubby to get new blinds in the bedroom, maybe wooden blinds will do much better. I found a place that offers 50% off on all kinds of window blinds at Window Blinds Direct which I believe is a great deal. If you need new blinds for your home check it out at Window Blinds Direct.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Car seats, out of cars, a hazard for U.S. kid

Just learn this news today which is very much important for the safety of my baby. Never do this with your baby.

"Parents and caregivers who place car seats on beds, kitchen counters and other places outside the car injured 43,000 U.S. children over five years, researchers reported on Monday.
More than 3,400 of the children were injured badly enough to require hospitalization, the researchers told a meeting of the American Academy of Pediatrics.
"Many families learn the importance of strapping an infant car seat into a vehicle, but they do not learn about the dangers of using infant car seats as carriers or placing them on countertops or beds," Dr. Shital Parikh of Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center told the meeting.
Most of the children were injured on the head, but they also broke leg and arm bones, he said.
"When parents or caregivers place the infant car seat on top of a table or elevated surface, the infant can wiggle and end up toppling off out of the seat onto the floor, which can lead to severe injuries," Parikh said in a statement.
"Another accident that can happen is the turning over of the car seat on to a soft surface, which can lead to suffocation."
Parikh used a Consumer Products Safety Commission database to make his calculations."

Source: Reuters

Friday, October 9, 2009

Got my Green Card

Just got home from work an hour ago. I asked hubby if I have any mail and he said I got one from California. I was expecting my Permanent Resident Card to come anytime since I already got a letter from the US Immigration that my application for Removing of Condition as a Permanent Resident has been approved. When I saw the envelop it was from the Immigration. I opened it immediately and yes! it was indeed my Green Card. Finally, got my 10 year Green Card. I'm glad that I was approved without any interview. Hubby congratulated me. My next step will be applying for naturalization to be a citizen next year three months before my 3 years of permanent residency here in the US.

Friday, October 2, 2009


It’s been a month since we moved in to a new home. We liked it here very much because everything is accessible. My mom-in-law has moved in with us and we loved to have her in the family. She is checking on modern furniture she could put in her bedroom.  There is a good place to shop online for modern or even Contemporary furniture that suits everyone’s style and taste when it comes to furniture needs. If you are looking for furniture of any kind that’s a real deal for your bedroom, living room, or your kitchen, Modern Furniture Warehouse has them all.


Just got home from work as a CNA at a nursing home facility. It's my second day today and it went good. It's not easy but it's worth and rewarding to help take care of the residents. I'm on the second shift from 2 pm til 10 at night which I think works best for me. This is my first job ever here in the US and I can't wait to get my pay check. It feels so good to be able to help with hubby in our financial needs.
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