Monday, November 29, 2010

Getting Ready for the Winter

Post contributed by Patricia Singleton

I just started getting ready for the winter weather this past weekend. All too often I've been caught unprepared and had to deal with the conditions as they were. Experience has taught me the things that I need to do for the types of weather conditions I'll be likely to face around these parts.
I actually just finished preparing my car on Saturday for the winter by checking the radiator system and the antifreeze level among other things and will get started on the house this week. During my preliminary checks (as I call them) on Sunday, I made sure to recaulk and weather strip the doors and windows, check to make sure that the walls and attic's insulation hasn't suffered from the past year and that the insulation on the water lines are still up to code, so to speak. I also went to the store on Sunday to stock up on extra food and supplies. I'm thinking about checking the generator either tonight or tomorrow. After that the only thing that is left is the storm windows and doors (along with some plastic covering from the inside). I'll probably get started on that this weekend. That will be all for this winter. Hopefully, it won't take too long as I also plan to cozy up in the living room and watch some satellite TV from with my family this weekend.

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