Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Premium channels FINALLY!

Guest post of the week by Deangelo Spencer

All my life I have wanted to subscribe to the premium channels like HBO and Showtime, but I've never been able to afford it, and my parents certainly weren't interested in getting those networks. Once I got out on my own I started searching on bundles at and found out I was actually going to be able to afford some premium channels! I know it sounds trivial, but I felt like I was missing out so much by not being able to relate with people talked about shows like Entourage or the Sopranos. It's really nice, because I can actually catch up on the shows I haven't been watching, and i finally feel part of the club. Not to mention, these are all really well done shows! I'm also enjoying all the great new release movies the channels have for me. So, I really have no complaints about paying a little extra every month. I can't believe my parents wouldn't have wanted to get HBO while I was growing up.

Tyler will be 2 yrs old

Wow! I can't believe how the days go by and how Tyler have grown so fast. It seems like I just gave birth with Tyler and tomorrow he will be 2 yrs old. He is growing so fast and learning things so quickly. He knows the alphabet and it's sounds. He talks a lot more now, he can express what he wants. Though sometimes he can be so demanding and wants my attention all the time. He is goofy but sometimes he can be moody too. He is very sensitive and very cautious about a lot of things especially when he knows he could get hurt. He is a little bit shy with other kids but he can socialize after awhile and he is good with other kids.
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