Monday, November 29, 2010

Snow Tires

Thanks to hubby the regular tires on my car has been changed to snow tires. I won't worry too much about driving on a snowy road. First thing I told hubby when I woke up this morning was asked him if he could take my car to Discount Tires to put my snow tires on. He was meaning to wake up early to go there coz he needed to change his trucks tires to and put his snow tires on the truck too. Since, I couldn't go with him to drive my car, Mom-in-Law did it for me. I needed to study this morning for my quiz this afternoon. I'm so glad the vehicles were taken cared of. I hate driving when it's snowing though. I'm hoping it will not snow again this afternoon so I can drive smoothly especially coming back home coz it gets dark so early.

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