Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Vacation near the Ocean

I haven’t been to all the States here in America but have been to couple of them like Florida where hubby and I got married and spent our honeymoon, Utah where we visited the Latter-Day Saints  Temple in Salt Lake City, and Las Vegas, Nevada where we usually spent summer vacation with the children. I am hoping to be able to visit other places here in the US where we can spend and stay near the ocean. I miss going to the beach where I used to live back in the Philippines where there are so many beach resorts. Hubby grew up in Florida so he loved the ocean though he doesn’t like the humid weather. I told hubby maybe in the near future we could spend our vacation near the ocean and enjoy the beach. He suggested that South Carolina have nice places to visit and stay in a hotel near the ocean like the Myrtle Beach Hotel. He said we could find a lot of hotels that are near the beach. I told him since you like golf maybe he could find a beach resort that we could stay and he can also enjoy playing rounds of golf during our stay.  As we were talking about it. We started checking online for Myrtle Beach best hotels and got so excited and came across with where we thought has all the amenities we would like if we wanted to spend our vacation. Hmmm, hubby and I were in la,la, land as we were imagining how fun it would be.

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