Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Scrubs

It’s been almost two months since I quit working at the nursing home. It feels so good to be home and just take care of my baby boy and be a full time housewife. Though I sometimes I get bored but I get over with it easily since I get myself busy with the house chores and Tyler. Every time I opened my closet to get some clothes to wear I always see my set of scrubs and miss wearing them and thought about my work at the nursing home. Well, it’s only temporary coz I will be going back to healthcare again after I give birth if I didn’t go into the LPN Program. I guess by the time I go back in the nursing home again I would need new scrubs coz I don’t know if my old ones would still fit on me. I got some ua uniform scrubs which I really like. It won’t be hard to where to buy uniforms because I could get them online through blueskyscrubs. They different unique scrubs at very affordable price. You can even buy wholesale nursing uniforms from them at very reasonable price too.

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