Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Getting a house

Hubby and I are planning of getting our own house next year, hopefully. Since the real estate is down we might be able to get a good deal for a property where we can pay less than what we are paying for rent right now. We keep checking on properties online with different real estate companies hoping to be able to find the right property that we would like to own. Though it’s still just a plan but we are hoping to make it realized next year before the contract lease of this house we live ends. We are also be checking on different mortgage companies that would help us give the best deal and lowest interest rates. As I keep searching online I stumble upon http://www.equileads.com/ a website that offers affordable and guaranteed leads if you are in the business of selling  mortgages, home loans,  healthcare insurance, homeowner’s insurance or auto insurance and other types of insurances. If you are in the mortgage business check out
http://www.equileads.com/mortgage.php and find out more information about it or if you are a webmaster, a website owner or a blogger you can also generate income for your site by becoming an affiliate which sounds good to me. Maybe I could check
http://www.equileads.com/affiliates/ so I would know to join and become an affiliate since I have my own blog.

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