Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas trees; The hunt

Thanks for the article from Antone Medina

When Christmas rolls around, this is a wonderful time of the year for family bonding. Year after year, we experience many wonderful memories that involve purchasing our Christmas tree. We will gather the family in the van and I set my Adt Home Security before we go get our Christmas tree. When we arrive at our Boy Scout funded Christmas tree location, we spend lots of time looking through the trees. Many trees are too short, some are too fat, many are too tall and skinny, but when you find the one that is right you know.
Our family takes great joy once we stumble across the perfect tree. It is usually about 6 foot and medium sized on the bottom. It cannot have bare spots; at least where the front is going to show and it must not show any browning. We bring home our wonderful tree and start to decorate, we spend as much time as we need and enjoy each other's company, singing Christmas carols and stringing the lights, placing the ornaments, stringing the icicles and finally, placing our beautiful star on top.
Christmas tree shopping is a wonderful event cherished by the whole family. Everyone enjoys having a real Christmas tree and since we started our tradition of finding our own tree, we have never gone back to an artificial one.

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