Thursday, December 2, 2010

Buying a house

Hubby and I are considering about getting our own house next year while the real estate market is still down. We are on the hunt for a nice, bigger but affordable house for sale since we are renting now and we can get a house and pay a monthly mortgage less than what we pay for rent right now. Checking at homes from the different real estate websites online are exciting. We haven’t checked and walked in at those homes that we liked yet but I have already some properties in my checklist that I would consider. We are not looking for brand new house but even an fixer upper home will be fine as long we get a good deal for it. We can always fix it and customize it and there’s nothing to worry about the materials to use because I know they can be bought anywhere even online. Even stainless steel kitchen sink or a butcher block countertop is available online or can be bought at a nearest supply stores. I told hubby that when I have our second baby I would like to have a rocking chair in our bedroom so it would be easier for me to just sit on the rocking chair while feeding the baby especially at night. I have seen a lot of different brands of those rocking chair online like adirondack chair. I am hoping that we could reach our goal to get our own home next year.

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