Friday, October 29, 2010

Little Bear

Guest post written by Brian Workman

Little Bear demonstrates for children how to share and care about other people, and shows them how to relate to the world around them. Little Bear is just that. A little Bear. He lives with mother bear and father bear. His friends are duck, cat, owl, and hen. He also has a little girl friend called Emily, who has a doll that plays with the bunch called Lucy. These seven friends explore the forest where they live and see all sorts of new things. In one episode they had to deal with a group of frogs that was keeping duck up all night. The friends built a home for duck in hopes of getting her some quiet so she could sleep, but it ended up that duck needed to sleep under the stars where she could look up and see them at night. The stars make her feel safe. Watching this on my satellite tv from makes the pictures seem more clear, almost like you are under those stars with duck. In the end, the frogs took the home that was built for duck. They said they were making all that noise becasue they were discussing where they could get together and meet to talk every night. Totally cute! My child adores when the problems get fixed, and claps loudly when all the problems are solved.

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