Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Have you ever wondered about the internet and how it all works? If you figure it out let me know. The other day I was just browsing around on the internet and saw some adds pop up about webhosting. I wondered what that meant so because of the great resources that the internet has, I was able to understand was it meant by the term webhosting. I love the internet and I love the unlimited ability to search any topic known to man, and poof, up comes thousands if not millions of hits. It is amazing the technology that we have at our disposal in the world today. Who would have ever thought twenty years ago that we would have the ability to research, discover and replicate technology so quickly and be so precise. What a wonder tool we have with the internet at our fingertips. I am going to dig deeper and find out more about webhosting and the various options that are available, who knows maybe someday I will need it.

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