Thursday, October 28, 2010

Time for Halloween

This is a guest post from Hong Alexander

With the end of October looming, chances are the kids are getting antsy for Halloween. The first step in assuring a great experience for all is to put safety first. Come up with a plan, if your kids are going off on their own make sure they will be with a group. Have a designated meeting place and time, as well as restrictions on how far away they're allowed to venture. This will ensure your piece of mind as well. After getting the munchkins ready make sure their costume is free of anything that could be a safety hazard, such as hanging pieces around the head/neck area for the little ones. Make sure that anyone wearing a mask can see clearly.
After the kids are ready, it's time to set off around the neighborhood. The kids know where their favorite candy can be found, and everyone has to make a stop at the haunted maze on the corner. After we meet at our meeting spot we head home and scan the candy. Everyone gets a ration then the rest is combined and put away. After the kids head to bed we flip on the satellite TV we got through Cannon Satellite online deals, grab some candy and turn on our favorite scary movie.

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