Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Another template change

I kind of like the template that I just used earlier but the design won't show up the whole thing specially the header and I was wondering what was wrong with it. So, I decided to choose another one and change template again. There's another template that I like from BTemplate it's called Pooh Flower I started downloading the template and still showing the problem on the header which won't show the header design the way it should be. The same thing what happend to the first template I used prior to this one. Now, I'm getting tired. Some widgets were gone which I tried to put it back since I copy pasted my original HTML but still it won't show on my page. It's annoying! I think I'm done for tonight, will fix my page tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvenience guys.

1 comment:

Michelle2 said...

Your page now looks nice! Btw, congrats! At last your awaited part to be pregnant has come. Just take it easy and always careful in everything that you do coz you already have a history of miscarriage. Did you buy a book about guide to pregnancy? I have two and it helped me understand of what to expect when you're expecting. Good luck Lar! :)

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