Thursday, October 23, 2008

It's Positive!

I have been 3 days late in my monthly period and this morning I told hubby about it and he said to start the pregnancy test. So, I did the pregnancy test and was so happy to see the horizontal and vertical lines in the result window. Yes, finally got a positive result on my pregnancy test today after almost a year of trying to conceive since my last pregnancy lost almost a year ago.

I hope everything will turn out good and I will have a healthy pregnancy this time.


bebepink said...

Congratulations. I'm also happy for you. Mine did not require that kind of test coz I'm monitored every other day --always having a blood test. I'm excited that this Wednesday I'm going to have my 1st ultra-sound and on the 2nd week of November , another ultra-sound to see how many heart beats are beating.

Toni said...


MarlyMS said...

Congrats lara :)

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