Friday, September 11, 2009

Moving with ease

We have finally settled in our new home and have been here for 11 days. It took us about couple of months to find the right place to move. Almost everyday hubby and I go out and drive around the valley to check for houses for rent that is close by the old home we had lived since hubby’s two younger children goes to school near that area. We are so glad that finally we found the right place we were looking for. It’s just approximately 6 miles from where we used to live and we are accessible to everywhere because we are in the downtown area now. Moving is really stressful, I am just happy that we moved close by and we didn’t have to move to another state which we thought we might. It would have been more stressful and more costly for sure. Although moving to another state might still happen in the future if hubby gets a good paying job and be able to buy another house since the house we left was foreclosed. Yes, it was foreclosed because we couldn’t afford to pay the monthly mortgage anymore after hubby’s working hours were cut off in January and eventually lost the job in March. Hubby is one of the million Americans who lost his job and we are one of those families who have lost home because of the recession. Well, that’s life and it’s all good for now. I know there are a lot of people who have moved from another place because of what’s going on with our economy.

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