Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Job application

I was checking the internet earlier looking for a job opening here in the valley. I was looking for CNA job since I have my license for a year now and I wanted to have the experience which is really needed for my license to be renewed next year. Luckily, I found one job being posted through our county’s workforce center website. Since, I don’t have my car because my step daughter has been using it I told hubby to take me to the nursing home facility which is about 17 miles from home, so I could apply and fill out the application for the said job. I went there and fill out the application and was interviewed right away. The lady who interviewed me was so nice and I liked the way she interviewed me because it was just a casual conversation which helped me felt at ease. She told me to go ahead and take my urine sample for drug test, I did it right there in the facility. The result was negative then she told me they will do background check. She said when everything is done, they will call me back. I think I got the job, I hope so. I’m excited to start my first job. While I was inside the facility hubby was parked outside waiting for me. I tried to call his phone to tell him that it will take me for awhile to come out from the facility but he didn’t answer. I thought his phone died on him but thought it shouldn’t be because he had his iphone car charger and he can charge it. Then it crossed my mind that he might have forgotten his iphone at home. He always forget his phone that I have to remind him about it every time we go out but forgot to remind him this time.

Hubby has been using his iphone for more than 6 months now and he liked it a lot. I’m thinking of having one in the future when my Nokia celphone won’t function anymore. When he bought his iphone he also bought  an iphone case for it. He asked me if I would want a new celphone during that time but I said no because my celphone is still working good. Hmmm, I was just too shy and was hesitant to tell him I want a new one like his iphone. Ha,ha,…. Well if my celphone die on me and won’t be any good I will tell him I would like an iphone too and would like also to get iphone accessories with it. I already know where to find those iphone accessories and it's at where everything about mobile phones are found in this place.

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