Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day surprises from hubby

Hubby surprised me yesterday when he came from the door and received the cake that was delivered by some members in the church. He came to me and showed me the cake that said "Happy Mother's Day" on it. That was a great surprised to me because he never mentioned about it that he ordered a cake from the Young Women of the church the other Sunday. These Young Women were raising funds for their girl's camp this summer by selling cakes for Mother's day. I thought that was really sweet hubby did for me. I thought that was it for the surprises until this evening hubby handed me a Mother's Day card and then after I read the card he handed me a jewelry box with a very nice ring in it. When I saw it I told him "no, not again" ha,ha coz he always give me jewelry as a gift every special occasion. That is just how hubby is, he is so sweet, thoughtful and loving.

Thank you so much for the surprises hon, I Love You!

1 comment:

ArtsyLinks said...

How sweet! He needs to give lessons to the other men in the family *smiles*

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