Sunday, May 10, 2009

Effective Reading Intervention Program

Teaching reading to students can be a challenging tasks for teachers especially teaching those struggling readers. I remember when I tutored reading to a second grader who had reading problem, boy that was not easy. Today, with the advances of technology teachers educators and parents can get additional sources to help students develop their reading skills. Read 108 is America’s premier reading intervention program which is proven to help develop reading skills to students from elementary to high school. It’s an instructional software which provides intensive, differentiated skills practice to motivate struggling readers. Read 108 is proven to be effective for all students with delayed or failed readers, students with learning disabilities, special education students and English language learners.

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tellitlikeitiz said...

Another very effective reading intervention software that has even better effects on the reading instructional levels of struggling readers is a program called TUNEin To reading. You have to check it out... Read the teacher, parent and student testimonials... it says it all! These children are gaining 1+ years of reading level improvements in just 1 quarter.

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