Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Time for sleep....

Sleeping at night has been uncomfortable for me since I got pregnant because I have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and going back to sleep is really hard. Aside from this, I have to get used to sleeping on my left side which my doctor said is the best way. Another thing that bothers me is my sciatic nerve on my left side that is really hurting when I make certain movements while lying down in bed and since we are using a queen size bed it is more difficult to move or turn left and right because there isn’t much room enough for us and hubby. I told hubby one that we would need a bigger bed in our room especially that my tummy is getting bigger and bigger. If we would get a new bed it’s going to be a king size this time.

When choosing the kind of bed hubby is very picky and the way how it looks matters to him also aside from the comfort it offers. I would say, I would like to have a bed that has drawers on the side of the bed frame where I could put some stuffs in it like the one’s sold at Time4Sleep. Time4Sleep sells all kinds of beds from leather, wooden or metal beds to storage beds. Not only these but they also sell mattresses and other accessories. If you haven’t found the right bed for you that gives you more comfort and better sleep for your money's worth, just visit the website and find out more about their huge selection of beds and the services they offer.

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