Tuesday, January 6, 2009

keeping warm and comfy

Wearing socks and long sleeves shirt all the time has been part of my outfit since I came here in the US. Even when I sleep I never take off my socks and I don’t think I would be able to sleep without my socks on. Now that it’s winter time tights and leggings are additional clothing I wear and I love wearing them because they keep me warm and comfy all the time. I think tights and leggings are also comfortable to wear during pregnancy instead of wearing jeans. I used to wear jeans most of the time but now since my tummy is getting bigger and bigger and my jeans are getting snug I prefer wearing those stretchable and soft type of cloth like those tights and leggings so I’m planning to buy more of those that I could wear during my entire pregnancy. I keep on checking online where I could find best deals for these kind of items and found a huge selection of stylish and comfortable leg wear at Hue.com and their prices are affordable too plus they offer free gift with every $50.00 on all products you purchase from them. Isn’t that nice? Who wouldn’t like free stuff? Hue also sells intimate wear like sleep wear, sleep sets, underwear and many more. So check it out and find out more.

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