Saturday, September 6, 2008

On Weight Gain

During my OB-GYN visit she suggested that I need to gain weight at least 10 lbs because I am underweight right now because this might be one of the reasons why I'm not getting pregnant after I had my miscarriage last year. My weight has been like this ever since and I thought that once I get here in the US I would gain weight right away but I was wrong. Instead I became more picky when it comes to food. So hubby and I went to grocery store to buy foods that will help me gain and we went to the dairy products. Hubby and I couldn't believe that we were reading each label of food products and getting for the high calorie foods. We even went to Vitamin Cottage and ask for the nutritionists on what vitamins are best for me or what foods should I eat so I could gain more. She said that I am the 3rd person in her 6 mos working there who asked about gaining weight. Ha,ha, I know it's unusual because most people would want to lose weight and here I am wanting so badly to gain weight.

1 comment:

bebepink said...

That's what my fertility doctor said--to gain weight because I'm underweight to carry a child. I'm gaining 5 pounds since June but I try not shed it off since I'm so picky like you.
Anyway, God will bless you a child. It will be soon.

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