Friday, September 5, 2008

OB-GYN Visit

This might be a late post about what took place during my OB-GYN visit last Sep. 2nd. Hubby and I came to my OB-GYN's clinic and it was good to talk to her. It's a follow up visit after 6 mos had passed since we had the pre-conception counselling. She checked my abdomen and said that my uterus and ovary were in good position. I told her I want to have pap smear done as well because I never had one yet since got married. I know that pap smear is very important to have it done especially for married women. My OB said that the pap smear result will be mailed and I will also get a call from her clinic about it's result. Hopefully, the results will come out good and nothing to worry about and that my uterus or ovary will be healthy and cancer free. My OB also recommemded me to do blood test to make sure that everything is ok and I did also blood test the following day and will just wait for the results to be mailed to me. I'm glad hubby was and is always supportive whne it comes to my well being. I was also advised to gain weight at least 10 pounds because it might be one of the reasons that keep me from getting pregnant. Oh, boy! me trying hard to gain weight and hubby trying hard to lose weight. Indeed, we are the perfect odd couple.

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