Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Some Changes to this Blog

I would like to inform everyone that I made some changes to this blog. First, this blog has now it's own domain name which I just bought couple of days ago. The new url address is now www.wanna-be-fil-am-mom.com So, to my friends who are in my blogroll kindly update the new url add of this blog if you have not done so. Second, I edited the title and change it to "My Journey to Momhood" which I think sounds better. These were the two changes that I just made so far for this blog. Sorry for the inconvenience, will see you around.

Happy blogging!

1 comment:

poray said...

dai ako na na-add ang imo tanan blogs sa ako ang bisaya blog..ako pa ni i-add sa mga blogs nga nakalista dri..pls add my links too ok? thanks


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