Thursday, July 10, 2008

How's everything going?

How's everything going today? Hmmm, not much exciting things happening the past days. Well, I really don't know.. I told hubby today that I have been feeling some slight cramps in my abdomen which I was wondering because I don't have my period yet and still too early to be having some minor cramps. When I told hubby that I have some minor cramps he said "Why do you have cramps, baby?" Are you pregnant? maybe you are". Toink! I told him don't say that honey. I know you are just teasing me and besides "don't jinx". Ha,ha hubby always teased when I feel some weird things because he knows that I wanted to get preggy. I know I have been feeling some weird things after my ovulation period. I felt some slight cramps every now and then and sometimes I felt like I wanna puke. I don't why? maybe it's just psychological.

Still hoping for the great news this month. Will find out next week. Wish me luck on my journey!

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