Friday, January 13, 2012

A Challenge

 Thanks for the article from Jermaine Haynes

My daughter is in third grade this year. She is a very bright and curious child, and she has always performed at the top of her class academically. She entered kindergarten already able to read and write, and by the end of second grade, she was reading above a fifth grade level. Her vocabulary is extensive, and she loves science and history. What tends to hold my child back from really working to her potential is that she is inherently lazy. Things come easy for her, so she has never really had to work for much in regards to her studies. Sports are a different story! Before this school year started, I wrote a letter to the school requesting that my daughter be placed in a class with very high-achieving students. I felt that the challenge would do her good, and encourage her to work hard to meet the level of expectation that such a class might have. She was placed with one of the best teachers at her school. Although her teacher is very demanding, she has been the first one to really draw maximum potential out of my child. She encourages them to get on the internet through our satellite internet beaverton and work on various math and science websites. These websites encourage remediation of skills but in game and play settings. By allowing students to obtain practice through these various websites, different learning strategies can be employed to target all students.

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