Wednesday, November 9, 2011

New Career

Author: Joseph Sandoval

I recently decided to stop what I’m doing and decided to take up a new career. I was sick to death of the same old same old every day and my cubicle lifejust wasn’t cutting it for me anymore. I decided to become a fulltime nanny which is exactly what I’d been wanting to do forever but I wanted to do it differently…no being paid in cash under the table. So I went to a friend of mine who’s a graphic designer and asked him to help me with a new business website. I set up a nanny finder site so that parents in the area could find someone like me and only reputable people were allowed membership. I did it all by the book – went to smallbusiness xo for logistical help, got a BBB accreditation and even worked with the local police to do background checks. Business is booming and I still love to nanny although what I do now is a lot more web focused to be honest with you!

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