Tuesday, January 18, 2011

On insurance

It’s another beautiful morning with a very nice weather outside. I am hoping that Spring will come early this year. Hubby, me and mom-in-law are waiting for a call from our real estate agent to know if our offer to the property we are buying is approved or not. Right not we are still on negotiation. We have been looking for a property so we could move to our own place and have a less monthly payment than what we owe every month with the rent. We are hoping we could get the house in our price range. We are trying to save money coz we don’t have enough money coming in and with all the utility bills and monthly rent we can’t afford to make ends meet. I told hubby we might as well start looking for cheaper insurance for our car and when have the house we need to have insurance for it too. One thing nice about it is that you can search online insurance quotes easier right in front of your computer and even ask about insurance advice from expert people who has experience with these different insurance companies or even look at their reviews how well they do.

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