Friday, August 27, 2010


Since I am pregnant I know my scrubs will no longer fit me when my tummy gets bigger. I always check online for cheap scrubs because here in Grand Junction there are only few stores that sell nursing uniforms and scrubs and they cost a lot too. The other day I talked to one of my co workers who works in the nursing home as a nurse and asked her where she bought her scrubs and was surprised how much she spent just for her nursing scrubs.  She said, they are so expensive. She has been looking for cheap scrubs too. She wished she could find a place that sells cheaper from where she got them.
Although, WalMart sells scrubs too but nothing would fit me either because even their Extra Small sizes are still too big on me. When I told her that I usually get my scrubs at cheaper price and she asked me where to buy cheap scrubs so she could get them too. I said I buy them online and there are a lot of online stores that sells scrubs at very affordable price. So, she is checking them online too.

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