Sunday, January 31, 2010

My car needs oil change

I told hubby that my car is due for oil change. I have two days off Sunday and Monday but Mondays are really busy day for us because it’s the only day that we could do errands together. I don’t know when I would be able to do the oil change or maybe by the time we can do it, my car might need tune up as well. Hubby has been planning to have my car fixed because it has some dents and ding when a drunk driver bump into hubby’s daughter’s  car that was parked along the roadside in front of our house and then hit the back of my car too. My car has a sentimental value to us and hubby and I want to take care of it and keep it as much as we can because it was given to me by my mom-in-law and she valued it so much because of the memories my mom-in-law had with my dad-in-law was still alive. Anyways, hubby is still looking for places to have it done. With the use of the internet, we could be able to search places locally that would offer us a great deal when it comes to auto repair like the I find it very convenient to use this website when it comes to auto repair because it has a lot of information you can find like looking for auto repair shops in your area or even find out how much you could pay for repair with their repair price estimator. Check out and find information about common problems, reviews and recalls on different cars like Honda, Acura Integra, Toyota and other known brands before buying them. If you are looking for an easy access to locate Colorado or Houston auto repair shops or any place where you live just check

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