Monday, April 6, 2009

Thank God my bloog sugar is fine

Just had my prenatal check up this morning. I did the Glucose challenge screening test for gestational diabetes. My OB gave me a small bottle of "Glucola" a sweet flavored drink like soda during my last visit and then told me to drink it this morning 30 minutes before my appointment. After an hour they draw blood sample from my finger and checked it to find out my sugar level. Thank God my blood sugar was fine it was at 116 mg/dl which means that I don't have gestational diabetes and hoping that it will be normal during my entire pregnancy. I also had my urine checked and it was ok, the nurse checked my weight and I am 114.8 lbs, checked my blood pressure and said it was normal and monitored the baby's heartbeat. My OB measured my tummy too and after everything is done he said that everything is prefectly fine. My OB recommended me to go to the laboratory for a another blood tests which are CBC and Antibody. I'm thankful to God that everything went well in today's doctor visit. I'm hoping that the blood test results will also be fine.

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