Saturday, June 21, 2008

Baby due in June

If I had not lost my baby during my 6 weeks of pregnancy it should have been due this June. I wonder what it should have been if it's a girl or a boy? I often tell hubby that I want to have a baby girl who has a red hair and a bluish green eyes like his. Everytime I tell this, he would say he wants the baby to look a lot like me who has brown eyes, black hair and "dark meat" which he usually jokes referring to my skin color in that way we would not worry about the baby get sun burned andget frickles because sun doesn't bother much to darked skin people like mine.


Amor said...

Me too,I dream to have a bb girl.Hope I'll be pregnant soon.

Pero kabalo ka Lara,almost 5 years pod ko naghulat sa ako bb boy ba,abi nako dli gyd ko mabuntis kay sge gyd mi try gikan pa sa una.Stress kaayo ko kay sge ko hunahuna na mabuntis gyd ko.Pero tong wla na nako gi-isip kaayo kay medyo nawal-an ko pag-asa kay nabuntis noon ko :)

So,ikaw pod as what I've said,in no time mabuntis ka basta dli lang ka mastress.

Gles said...

i had the ssame experience like you sis, i also lost my first pregnancy during its 12th week. that happened last feb, im suppose to due next month. well we just have to keep on trying again.. goodluck tp you and me! hehe!

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